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Pen-scope Ophthalmoscope 2.7V Pen-scope Ophthalmoscope 2.7V

The compact and attractively designed pocket diagnostic penlights fortelux® H and fortelux® N from Riester offer more precise diagnostic possibilities in the areas of ENT and ophthalmoscopy. The versatile diagnostic penlights made of sturdy material with a wide range of uses fit safely in the hand for every examination. Poorly accessible parts of the body can be better illuminated. We will be pleased to provide more information about the ordering requirements for customer specific product combinations and packaging upon request. fortelux® H with HL halogen illumination similar to daylight. fortelux® N with reliable vacuum illumination. Can be used as an illuminated tongue blade holder: concentrated illumination of the oral and pharyngeal cavity. fortelux® H and fortelux® N are offered in all Riester colours: combinations with ri-mini®, pen-scope® and other Riester instruments are possible.

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