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Pro- Lite Spineboard

Spinal injusry can be diagnosed before the patient is removed from the spineboard. Footsection is angled slightly downward to assist rescurer in auto extrication . Only board that provides natural curvature of the lower extremities . Offers better patient centering and much less padding. Compatible to all head immobilzation devices. Unlimited single patient capacity. Tapers from 16" to 14" at foot end. The Pro-Lite spineboard willl float with up to 250ib on it.

Pro- Lite XT Spineboard

Stiffener system in hand grips makes the XT the strongest translucent spineboard available. Guaranteed 100% X Ray translucent between hand holes, no bends, no rods, no slots in X ray field. Minimum deflection under maximum load. Available with or without speed clips. Guaranteed not to warp.

Pro-Lite Best Strap System

Pro-Lite Best Strap System.

Pro-Lite Disposable Straps (set of 3)

Pro-Lite Disposable Straps (set of 3)

Pro-Lite Speed Clip Straps

Pro-Lite Speed clip Straps.

Pro-Lite Splash Head Immobilizer

Poly-Dipped Vinyl coated easy to clean. Deflects bio hazrds and prevents bacterial to growth.Large ear holes for patient monitoring. Fits all concave and falt spine boards. Extra large pillows provide Extra stability and head immobilization. X-Ray translucent & MRI/CT scanning safe. Head/chin straps conform to patients head. Extra strong D- Ring. Splash design Unique for easy identification. Standard colors orange with blue splash. Custome colors available please call for quote and info. 16" wide 10.5" long. Pillows 10"x6"x5". Ear holes 3.5".

Pro-Lite Velcro Straps

Pro-Lite Velcro Straps.

PRO-SLIDE TM (Pediatric)

720P PRO-SLIDETM (Pediatric) HDPE Anti-Static Plastic 3/16" X 18" X 48" 100% X-Ray Tanslucent Weight: 4.5 lbs 8 Hand Holes

QD-3/4 Leg Traction Splints


Sam Like Splint Roll 4 1/4 MADE IN USA


SAM Sling -


Soft Shell - Splint


Soft Stretchers, Regular to XXXL


Splint Stretcher without Leg Divider


Standard Splint Type Basket Strecher

NEEDI pioneered the development of the Splint Type-Basket Stretcher which led to the outstanding Series 300 Stretchers, the most efficient and practical products of their kind on the market. Made of steel, all welded rigid construction which does not rely on injured person to attain form or rigidity. Light in weight and ample in size. Available in six models with supplemental accessories to facilitate special handling needs. Accessories are shown elsewhere in this catalog. JSA-300 Lightweight Basket Type Stretcher Nylon web straps at chest, abdomen, thigh, and calf. Adjustable footrests for vertical lifting. Frame is 5/8" steel tubing; cross braces and runners 3/16" x 3/4" flat steel. Basket is 18 gauge, 1" hexagon mesh netting. DIMENSIONS: 22-1/2" W, 80-1/2" L; 8" H

Stifneck Extrication Collar

Preferred for over 20 years, the original Stifneck extrication collar remains the standard of care for suspected cervical spine injuries. Though there are other collars available, the Stifneck is the only collar that measures up. Outstanding motion restriction without hyperextension or limiting access to airway Provides optimal size selection with simple, accurate finger-sizing method and color codes Easy access for pulse check, advanced airway procedures, and visualization through oversized trachea hole Independent, peer-reviewed studies support safety and efficiency Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible


The BAK-PAK ULTRA Long Spine Immobilization Board has all of the design features as the BAK-PAK, but is thinner and lighter. Weighing in at only 10 Ibs. the board is just 0.75 thick and load tested to 1400 lbs. The BAK-PAK ULTRA board works well with adults and pediatric patients, does the job in rough terrain and water, and provides needed rescuer features without sacrificing patient comfort. It is the board of choice for the U.S. Military. Features and Benefits Ultra thin ù 0.75 Ultra Stackable - Less than 3 for 2 boards Ultra tough IMDPE shell Ultra Light & Ultra Strong Carbon Fiber Stiffeners in Hand Rail Specifications Dimensions: 72 x 16 x 0.75 Weight: 10 Ibs Load Capacity: 1000 Ibs Includes Strap Pak Patient Restraint Starter Kit Life time warranty


The BAK-PAK II Long Spine Immobilization Board was designed by an EMT and constructed by a mechanical engineer with the intention of making a board where every inch, every contour and every feature will serve a purpose. The BAK-PAK II spine board is constructed of LLD polyethylene, and is foam-filled - making it great for water rescues! Guaranteed not to crack, splinter or chip. The convex bottomÆs built-in runners provide raised access to the easy-grip handles. Features and Benefits Extra-large hand holds fit even bulky firefighter gloves Compatible with most head immobilizers Includes Strap Pak Patient Restraint Starter Kit 100% X-ray translucent Easy to clean Available in 10 or 12 pin configuration Impact resistance in hot or cold temperatures Highly resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminates 100% guarantee under normal usage Specifications Dimensions: 72 x 16 x 1.13 Weight: 11.5 Ibs Load Capacity: 1000 Ibs


The Tough Board is constructed of LLD Polyethylene, and its foam-filled interior allows it to float up to 240 Ibs - making it great for water rescues! Guaranteed not to crack, splinter or chip. The convex bottomÆs built-in runners provide raised access to the easy-grip handles. X-ray transparent and ideally suited for providing CPR and extrication. Weight tested to 1400 Ibs. Specifications Dimensions: 72 x 16 x 1.13 Weight: 10 Ibs Load Capacity: 1000 Ibs Includes Strap Pak Patient Restraint Starter Kit 5 Year Warranty Product Numbers KE-105 Lite Weight Spine Board W/O Pins KE-106P Lite Weight Spine Board W/Pins Customized board graphics available


The MAXI-WIDE Spinal Immobilization Board combines great quality and premium features. Constructed of high impact, durable MDPE plastic with a foam core and stiffeners. It resists body fluids and cleans easily. Features and Benefits 18 extra large hand grips Compatible W/head immobilization devices Raised handholds allow easy gripping and strap threading with board flat on ground Tapered end to aid with extrication from tight spaces Includes Strap Pak Patient Restraint Starter Kit Life time warranty Specifications Dimensions: 73 x 18 x 1.75 Weight: 14 Ibs Load Capacity: 1000 Ibs

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