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Life/form® “Airway Larry” Adult Airway Management Trainer Head


Life/form® Adult Airway Management Trainer, Head Only


LSP Advantage Portable suction unit -L190-GR

LSP -ADVANTAGE - Emergency Portable suction unit with gauge and regulator. The carrying case is not included. When Time and Performance Are Critical! Continuous Operation - Ready When You Are ... 24/7 The Advantage can run at full performance while plugged in ... no matter what the battery charge. If the battery is dead, drained or damaged, the unit will operate at full performance while plugged into wall power or the optional docking station. Longest Run Time before Recharging. The Advantage provides a 75-minute battery run time at full suction before the indicator lights signify the need to recharge. Most Versatile Vacuum Range - Gentle Yet Powerful Suction When Needed. The Advantage operates efficiently down to 25mmHg, yet has a powerful suction capability that reaches 550mmHg. Size: 9.4 H x 7.5 W x 16.8 L Weight 11 Ib

LSP EMT Resuscitator with 6' O2 hose L576-010

Most advanced design in 02 powered manually triggered breathing devices. Limits gas flow to 40 LPM during manually triggered breath, however control circuit will allow up to 115 LPM during a spontaneous breath. Material:>p> Body-Liquid Crystal Polymer Cap- Liquid Crystal Polymer; Button- Liquid Crystal Polymer; Outlet- Polysulfone; Inlet Fitting- Plated Brass. Standard male oxygen DISS(swivel) Operating Temperature: -10oF to 125oF Filter: 25 micron, wire mesh Outlet: 22mm outside diameter x 15mm inside diameter Supply Pressure: 50+,-5 psig Pressure to initiate a breath: -1 to -2.5cmH2O Manually Triggered Flow: 40+,-5 LPM @50 psi supply Demand Flow: 100LPM at 0 to -5cm H2O pressure Pressure Limit: 60 +- 5cm H2O Secondary Pressure Relief: 75 +- 5 cm H2O pressure Expiratory Resistance: Less than 2cm H2O @ 100LPM flow Work of Breathing: -5cm H2O pressure @ 115 LPM flow Anti-Asphyxiation Entrainment: 55 liters per minute minimum @ -5cm H2O pressure

Macintosh Blades SS #1

Macintosh Blades #1 stainless steel dull finish Qty: 1

Macintosh Blades SS#2

Macintosh Blades SS#2 Stainless Steel dull finish Qty:1

Macintosh Blades SS#3

Macintosh Blades SS#3 stainless steel dull finish Qty:1

Macintosh Blades SS#4

Macintosh Blades SS#4 stainless steel dull finish Qty:1

Magill Forcep Adult 10

Magill Forcep Adult stainless steel polished finished Qty: 12 Size: 10"

Magill Forcep Child 8.5 12pcs

Magill Forcep Child stainless steel polished finished Qty: 12 Size: 8"

Miller Blades SS#0

Miller Blades SS#0 Qty: 1

Miller Blades SS#1

Miller Blades SS#1 Qty:1

Miller Blades SS#2

Miller Blades SS#2 Qty:1

Miller Blades SS#3

Miller Blades SS#3 Qty:1

Miller Blades SS#4

Miller Blades SS#4 Qty: 1

Nasopharyngeal Airways Disposable (Supplied Sterile-ETO)

All oral and nasal airways are manufactured with smooth, rounded edges for increased patient comfort and safety.Nasopharyngeal Airways have soft compliant PVC facilitates insertion and readily conforms to the nasopharyngeal anatomy. Kink-resistance helps assure a patent airway ID (mm) OD (mm) Units Per Case 340060 6.0 mm 8.0 mm 10 340070 7.0 mm 9.5 mm 10 340080 8.0 mm 11.0 mm 10 340090 9.0 mm 12.0 mm 10

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