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For first responders and those who are ready to help, we've created our Multi-User TraumaBox Kit. This kit is designed to hold enough products to respond to multiple emergency situations. These kits are packed with the essentials to respond to trauma, including: .Two rolls of H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze .One H&H H-Bandage Large Compression Bandage .Two H&H Thin H Compression Bandages .Two H&H Wound Seal Kit occlusive dressings .One H&H Bolin Chest Seal .Two H&H TK-4L Tourniquets .Two H&H Dry Sterile Burn Dressings and Combat Cravat .One H&H Sterile Burn Blanket .One roll of H&H Combat Medic Tape .Two pairs of large Nitrile gloves .One pack of First Aid bandages Our kit comes pre-packed ready to go in a rugged watertight case colored either Forest Green or Omaha Orange, or in a rugged black nylon pouch. For larger orders (over 25 units), we can customize the kit to meet your specific needs from our complete line of products.

Multi User Trauma Box Kit